The Littlest Cattery has been created to offer a unique alternative to the standard, high volume, cattery settings.


Our Cat Cabins

With only two bookable Cat Cabins, designed to provide a warm and welcoming home from home, you can be assured your beloved cats will receive the utmost care and attention during their stay.


For smaller cat families our Cat Cabins, individually, offer an abundance of space and enrichment. However for those with a larger cat family, there is the opportunity to book our Family Cat Cabin, whereby we interlink both Cat Cabins 1 & 2, to create an extra large space, thus booking out our whole cattery, exclusively, for your feline family.


Our Cattery is fully heated and each cat has their own individual heat pad located in the sleeping areas, should they wish to cuddle up whilst they rest. Vet bedding is provided, however owners are welcome and encouraged to bring home comforts.


Booking, Vaccinations & Medication

All owners are provided with a Welcome Pack (one per cat) which includes all associated forms required to book a stay with us.


All cats staying at TLC must be up to date with the core vaccinations/boosters. For those who are having vaccinations for the first time, or restarting vaccinations due to a gap in protection, we can only accept cats two weeks after the final vaccination has been administered. All cats must be treated for fleas and worms, at least one week prior to arrival.


We are happy to administer any required medication during a cats stay. For further information and/or advice on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Settling In

Some studies show that calming music with lower tones, slower tempos and minimal instrumentation can help reduce stress and in turn, calm and relax cats. As ever, we do everything we can to ensure the cats in our care have the very best experience possible, which is why we play quiet, classical music for our guests to enjoy during their stay with us.



We believe every cat can benefit from a stimulating environment with appropriate enrichment. Enrichment should focus on allowing cats to perform all of their natural behaviours. At TLC we offer a variety of enrichment activites for our guests.


Each cabin has it's own tablet loaded with a varirty of enriching videos for cats to watch, during their stay. Whether they like to view fishes swimming or to bird watch, there is something for all.


We have a variety of safe toys which are offered at differing times during our guests stay and these are alternated to maintain enjoyment. Laser mouse, to date, is one of the most enjoyed enrichment activities.


We offer grooming/massage using gentle, soft, silicone brushes for those cats who enjoy.


Our latest development is our secure door frame which hangs on the wall in our cattery (we've treated the wood so it matches that of the wood inside). When the warm weather arrives we just insert the frame's pins into the main door frame and secure it into place. This opening floods our Cat Cabins with fresh air, garden smells and sounds, creating a further enriching experience for our guests, whilst maintaining optimum security, as per regulations.  During the warmer weather we love the opportinity to bring the outside in for our beloved guests. 

We understand all cats are different and as such we are continually researching enrichment ideas and will continue to offer a wealth of activities, offering something, to suit each and every cat who stays with us.


Hygiene & Cleanliness

Here at TLC we take hygiene and cleanliness extremely seriously. Each cabin has their own cleaning enquipment (every item numbered) which is also kept clean and disinfected. We use a high quality, pet safe, biodegradable disinfectant, at all times. 

Our Credentials 

The Littlest Cattery prides itself on quality of care. We are fully insured, hold a valid Pet First Aid qualification and are licenced by Worcestershire Regulatory Services. 

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